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Immediate action is required to stop a finalized CODEX vitamin standard from being rammed through on November 1, 2004 at the CODEX meeting of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses.

We will update this message after November 1, 2004. If the form letter (below) should fail to stop CODEX, this form letter could continue to be used until the next meeting in June where the vitamin standard that could be finalized on November 1, 2004 would have to be ratified. Please download and distribute the two items below, the one page backgrounder and the one page form letter.

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The next round of CODEX meetings is coming up soon. We need to get as many people involved in this battle as possible. Please distribute the below files widely.

'We Become Silent'

- A New Documentary -
Exposes Grave Dangers Posed by European and Global Regulation to Medical Freedom of Choice

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  • Response to NNFA Spin on Codex Issue

  • Report from Luxembourg: ANH Does Well in Court- Verdict to Be Rendered in June
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    Help For Those Who've Had Trouble Getting the Health Freedom DVD To Work - Also- Comments on NNFA's Spin Against Our Health Freedom Mssg

    Igniting The Health Freedom Firestorm - Inspiration From Al Bailey In Florida

    Message to Kofi Anan From the Vitamin Consumers of the World- Extend The Deadline to Apply For Participation in the WHO Workshop Where Determination Will Be Made on Allowable Vitamin Potency

    Codex Tsunami: FDA's Friedman Made No Bones About It..... How Soon People Forget..... PLEASE HELP!!! THIS IS THE 11th HOUR!!!

    Push Back from CODEX CLIFF Now on the Web on Streaming Video - Please view, Please Alert Everyone to View

    Urgent Anti CODEX Health Freedom Alert To ACAM Attendees, The Supplement Industry And Consumers

    WHO + FAO Go Thru Motions Of "Soliciting Public Input" For "Development" Of "Safe Upper Levels For Nutrients"

    Form Letter to Send to CODEX Delegates - Send as quickly as possible

    Demand for FDA Proof of Jurisdiction - Instructions and Downloadable Letter

    Kerry's Wellness Letter in PDF format
    To read this letter requires  Get Adobe Reader

    Backgrounder - HTML (web) Version
    Backgrounder - Microsoft Word version

    10 Minute Emergency Speech on Codex - HTML (web) Version
    10 Minute Emergency Speech on Codex - Microsoft Word version

    Form Letter (older) - HTML (web) Version
    Form Letter (older) - Microsoft Word version

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