To: IAHF List
Subject: Push Back from CODEX CLIFF Now on the Web on Streaming Video - Please view, Please Alert Everyone to View
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 06:17:01 +0100

IAHF List: Please view PUSH BACK FROM CODEX CLIFF, the DVD of our Emergency Health Freedom Meeting held on November 18th at ACAM at

Next week we intend to add the Navigational Menu to the streaming video to make it easier to navigate this hour and a half long DVD. (The Navigational Menu is on the DVD that we're still encouraging you to buy from IAHF for $15 (USA) and $25 outside USA. We were forced by high postage costs to increase the price for those outside the USA. If you have ordered the DVD, its on its way, all orders thus far have been shipped.

If you view the DVD on the web, please make a donation if you possibly can at via paypal (paypal link is on the top of the scrollbar inside the site). I will be very glad to keep sending copies out by mail, and strongly encourage you to get a copy *yes, its OK and encouraged to burn extras to give out to more people!!!*

Please be mindful of the fact that we must OVERCOME a spin piece generated against our message in the USA that was published in the December issue of NNFA Today, (newsletter of National Nutritional Foods Assn). Suzanne Harris of the Law Loft, and David Hinde of ANH are in a process now of generating a very solid rebuttal to this mine of misinformation.

The NNFA Spin Piece was generated by Sidley, Austin, Brown and Wood LLP, the multinational law firm retained by NNFA- and its outrageous that the vitamin companies and health food stores comprising NNFA's membership merely ACCEPT the garbage this pharma dominated law firm is foisting off on them, but its been going on for YEARS. Its easy for them to buy the line that Codex (and the EU Food Supplement Directive are "non issues" and "US vitamin laws aren't being threatened by whats happening outside our borders" because thats what they want to hear, but its not the truth as you'll see from our DVD and as you know if you've been on the IAHF email distribution list for a while.


There was a now-famous experiment-related by Ken Keyes in "The Hundredth Monkey- done with monkeys on a tropical island in Japan. The experiment was meant to study the intelligence of monkeys but in fact produced some interesting data about how the collective consciousness works.

The monkeys on the island were given sand-covered sweet potatoes. It took awhile but, as expected, an enterprising monkey on one side of the island figured out that the trick was to wash the sand off to eat the prize.

Soon enough other monkeys in the vicinity were imitating the first monkey,one monkey learning from another,until about the hundredth monkey. Suddenly, as if by magic, all the monkeys all over the island and on neighboring islands,knew the secret. They had not observed another monkey do it; they all just knew it.The learning of one monkey had invaded the entire monkey consciousness.


Friends, I know at times this battle we're in seems hopeless, and it would be easy for all of us to just walk away from it and pretend its not going on. It would be easy for all of you to just leave it up to Rob, Suzanne, David and I to fight this battle for you- but we can't win that way!!

We can ONLY win, if each and every one of you helps us to SPREAD THE WORD about whats happening with regards to this issue!

I just moved heaven and earth to make this DVD and to locate a very generous person who donated his time, and expertise to put it on the web on streaming video. He's not charging a CENT for doing something that would normally be exhorbitantly expensive, because he's a Christian who uses supplements and he believes as I do that the herbs and vitamins were gifts to us all from a loving, caring Creator who did not intend for us to be poisoned by toxic, ineffective pharmaceutical drugs.

By putting Push Back From Codex Cliff, IAHF runs the risk of possibly not recouping the not inconsiderable sum we put into production costs- but we're taking that chance, because this fight has NEVER been about money, its been about defending people's LIVES.

I sincerely hope that if you view it on the web, you will make a donation of any amount you can afford to our cause via paypal at, and I also encourage you to order the DVD so that you can show it to groups in your area, and I encourage you to help me make more contacts- lets collaborate on conference calls to health food store owners, vitamin company ceos, alternative practitioners, and anyone who can help!!


My father was a US Navy SEAL, and he taught me to never just land a blow when I'm in a fight, he taught me to always punch THROUGH my opponents so they don't get back up.

Thats EXACTLY what I want to do to the Pharma Cartel. I owe them one. I owe them one for the 4 years they stole from me years ago when they had me locked up in mental hospitals after I was forced out of college by schizophrenia over 20 years ago. (see to learn about my orthomolecular recovery via vitamins after mainstream medicine almost killed me.)

I owe them one for the death of my cousin Laurie who committed suicide due to the effects of psychiatric drugs, and I owe them big for the deaths of numerous other people I knew behind the walls whose destruction I witnessed.

"Vengeance is Mine" Sayeth the Lord---- but theres no reason we can't help out a bit BEFORE we shuffle off this immortal coil, now is there?

Its PAYBACK TIME folks. Theres no advantage in waiting til we're in the global equivalent of the WARSAW GHETTO before we begin our fight back, we need to KEEP OURSELVES from being pushed into the equivalent of that situation.

(The Nazis railroaded thousands of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to the concentration camps, and the only ones who escaped genocide were those who wisely refused to disarm. They fought bravely from the sewers and killed many Nazis.)

This past year the US Government passed legislation to force mandatory "Mental Health" screening on school kids.

They're going to start taking our kids away via "Child Protective Services" if they screen them, find they "should be on various psychotropic drugs" and we refuse. This, along with forced vaccinations is part of a highly orchestrated Eugenics Agenda that goes part and parcel with blocking consumer access to healing nutrients. Dr.Leonard Horowitz and others have been documenting this for years. See Read his book Emerging Viruses- AIDS and EBOLA- Nature, Accident, or Intentional?

For every action, there is an exact and OPPOSITE REACTION!!

I don't know about you, but when I think about the government forcing school kids to undergo forced "mental health screening" as a prelude to putting them on a slew of toxic drugs whose horrible life destroying side effects I've experienced first hand in my past, I see RED! Ditto for forced vaccinations!!

My response was to go the extra mile to produce this DVD, and to then find someone, a volunteer, who could put it on the web as streaming video because the fuse is burning a LOST closer to the bomb....


Please folks, the Alliance for Natural Health will be in court on January 25th in a bid to overturn the draconian EU Food Supplement Directive.

If you're new to the IAHF list, you will find complete details on the ANH website about their lawsuit and its extreme importance to the world. As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD due to the EU being the dominant political force at CODEX.

An ANH victory in the EU's equivalent to the US Supreme Court on January 25th would send SHOCK WAVES through the Pharma Cartel. It would STOP them from forcing the watering down of our most innovative products in Europe by stopping them from banning 300 safe ingredients currently used in the manufacture of supplements.

ANH CAN WIN in court, but urgently need your support! They can receive donations over their secure server, and wire transfer info can also be found there.

ANH also needs donations for the PR campaign surrounding their submission on Nutrient Risk Assessment to the World Health Organization, because WHO is filling in the blanks on allowable potency levels at CODEX, and unless ANH gets the support they need to pay their PR firm, we won't have a chance at getting press releases into the mainstream media to hold WHO's feet to the fire.

I know what you're thinking: this is CRAZY!!! How can this possibly be going on when I can go into my local health food store and buy anything I need!!

Well it IS going on, and if you watch the DVD, you'll really understand.

Look what happened to the US Steel Industry due to a recent adverse WTO Trade Dispute that went against the USA......

Congress was pressured under the threat of cross sector sanctions to scuttle the tarrifs we'd been imposing on foreign steel imports to stop the dumping of cheap steel that has been driving our steel industry out of business.....

Do you realize what this means folks? A nation's steel industry is perhaps its most vital industry next to agriculture. Steel is necessary to build cars, buildings, ships.... Without a steel industry, a country can't survive, but that too is part of the PLAN.

An effort is underway to force us into a carbon copy of the EU called the FTAA, (Free Trade Area of the Americas). This would destroy America and force the harmonization of all the laws in our hemisphere. See for details and get involved in the fight back there too! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

This is the age old battle of good vs evil. I know you guys aren't going to let the Cartel hurl you over a cliff!!! I KNOW you will help IAHF, ANH, and the Law Loft to build a BIGGER health freedom coalition so that we can fully implement our plan of action as outlined on the DVD.

Go to RIGHT NOW and watch the DVD, then ORDER your own copy (via IAHF.COM or via IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA to show to everyone in your area!! Next week we will be adding the navigation menu to the streaming video. That will help you skip around inside the DVD as you can with the actual DVD.

Please forward this widely, and encourage everyone you know world wide to take an active role in this fight back!!!
For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World