To: IAHF List
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 05:00:03 +0100

IAHF List:

Al Bailey is an inspirational, true grass roots health freedom fighter in Florida. This retired gentleman is doing one hell of a job on behalf of us all to spread the word of our anti Codex war far and wide in his neck of the woods, and I just wanted to copy you in on his message to me, and my reply to him because I think you will all find it both uplifting and inspiring!!
[ see it below]

There is no idea like an IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME!!
The morally bankrupt pack of LIARS in the UN, WTO, FAO, WHO, National Academy of Science, EU "Scientific Committee on Foods", UK "Expert Committee on Vitamins and Minerals" who are attempting to shove their EUGENICS AGENDA down our throats are in for a RUDE AWAKENING!!

You see, they never COUNTED on the Al Baileys of this world!

They never counted on the COUNTLESS NUMBERS of vitamin consumers who are more than willing to pick up the sword of TRUTH and to come at their HEADS with it with everything they have as VOLUNTEERS!

People sometimes ask me how I got my own start doing this health freedom work, and the answer is as a VOLUNTEER doing the same sort of Paul Revere maneuver as Al Bailey, and a growing number of IAHF supporters are doing world wide right now in much the same way.

The year was 1989, and the Cartel was coming at us with the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act which was a stealth bill that had been fast tracked through the Senate and was like a guided missile aimed straight for the heart of the supplement industry.

I was writing a book at the time, a Survival Guide for Schizophrenics and Their Families- (from an Orthomolecular Survivor's Perspective) I had interviewed people all over the US and Canada who had recovered the same way I had by taking vitamins, but was forced to drop the book project and jump in with BOTH FEET in a frenzied effort to try to KILL the dreaded NLEA.

Clinton Ray Miller, my main mentor, told me to make a list of every health food store within a 50 mile radius of my house on a legal yellow pad, visit them all, and get them to hand out our petition and information. "But Clint!" I spluttered. "That would take in Manhatten Island, that would take in all of New York City, I exclaimed in exasperation."

"John" he said "Do you want to maintain your access to the supplements for which you have a genetic need???" "Do you want other people to have the SAME CHANCE you had to HEAL?"

I couldn't duck Clint's questions. All I could do was to roll up my sleeves and get to work. We failed to kill the NLEA, but we DID curb some of its worst excesses, and we built the MOMENTUM we needed to set the STAGE for the long campaign to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act which we're NOW DEFENDING on the WORLD STAGE!!

Please don't grown inwardly and wring your hands in defeat, we CAN WIN this battle! Life Extension Magazine is sending me to Luxembourg to report on ANH's anticipated kick ass victory in the European Court of Justice on January 25th where they fully intend to strike a MEGA blow for FREEDOM.

What I need all of you to do is to read Al Bailey's Inspirational email below along with my reply, and to JOIN AL in triggering firestorms of anti pharma cartel opposition all over America and all over the WORLD!!

They're MUGGABLE, guys, the Emperor Wears No Clothes!! But don't take MY word for it, check out this FREE BOOK- RIDICULOUS ARBITRARY ALLOWANCE by Steve Hickey which exposes the fraudulence of RDAs

Check out ANH's Risk Assessment submission to WHO which has now been endorsed by Abram Hoffer, MD; Alan Gaby, MD; Jeff Bland, PhD; Julian Whitaker, MD; Steve Levine, PhD and more to come:

Make an Immediate DONATION to ANH at to help them with the HIGH COST of their legal WAR!!!


We're going to WIN this battle guys, we're doing it the OLD FASHIONED WAY---- ANY WAY WE CAN!! Life Extension Magazine is sending me to Luxembourg to report on ANH's anticipated legal victory in the European Court of Justice as the move to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, but I still need donations to help me pay for my FOOD when I'm over there, and we still need to put PRONG 2 of our fight back plan into motion as outlined on the DVD..... so please keep sending donations to:

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.
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or via paypal at $15. for the DVD which you can see at



From: Al Bailey
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 22:00:29 EST
Subject: Getting the word out.
To: John Hammell

Hi John,
Right now the different shifts of the Mac Dill AF Fire Dept. is viewing the DVD. I got Jack Southern of Herbs Discount Health Foods viewing DVD. I got Lela who owns Natures Health foods viewing and her employee. This next week she has three stores and at another store she owns is holding health imfo meeting and has a Dr. Carol Roberts given a talk to the meeting. I know the doctor and have asked her by E mail if she will talk about the UN CODEX effects to come up with our Vitamins and supplements. She is an Alternative Medical doctor and runs The Wellness Works in Brandon Fl. I have been forwarding all your letter to her.
John I wished that the DVD was audio only. My son in law and our daughter viewed the DVD and they could not stand the pictures and I agree to. Other viewers, I have not heard back yet from them. If the audio was on a tape or disk it could be played in autos while driving.
Monday, I have the AARP meeting which I will for the second time get before them and tell them what is going on. Will give the DVD to a member who has liver problems to show it to here association. Perhap Deedee might do the same as I talk to the memeber as it is to long for any meeting to show.

Al Bailey


Al- Thank you PROFUSELY for all your hard work! People can listen to just the audio if they want at The person who did the filming was my girlfriend Canadace and she never used a camcorder before. She did the best she could and we're lucky she was there at all to film it. I do not have time to produce a separate audio tape. I am doing the work of 10 people here just trying to stay ahead of everything. Life Extension Foundation is sending me to Luxembourg to report on what happens in the courtroom for Life Extension Magazine.

I am buried just trying to stay ahead of orders for the DVD that are coming in. All the paper inserts that go inside the DVD covers I have to make by hand using a paper cutter to cut the paper, then a highlighter to highlight the info on them. I have to insert them into the DVD covers with my business card, address the envelopes, log the entries into the computer, and go to the post office. I am doing all that while dealing simultaneously with all the phone calls and email that comes into my office and without a helper its overwhelming at times. Can't recall if you told me you are able to burn extra copies of the DVD to get around to people or not. Please let me know. Thanks for all you are doing!

John Hammell IAHF

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