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Subject: Ralph Nader = Controlled Opposition. Article Explains Why "Global Trade Watch" Refuses to Assist IAHF Defend Health Freedom
Date: 15 Jul 2004 14:33:11 -0000

IAHF List: Politics is the manipulation of perceptions, and in the world of politics, things are seldom as they first appear to be on the surface. Please read the article below my comments by William Jasper about Ralph Nader.

His observation that Nader is taking money from the Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and other Globalist Foundations is shocking, revealing, and very consistent with my own experience of trying to get assistance from this man for our health freedom battle, only to be rebuffed. At the time, this made no sense to me, but this article helps me understand what I ran into.

Several years ago, I became interested in the "Global Trade Watch" division of Ralph Nader's well known organization called "Public Citizen" (See

On the SURFACE, Nader, and his minion Lori Wallach, JD, APPEAR to be on the side of the PEOPLE in this battle against globalization. The SAD REALITY however is that all that is is an ILLUSION.

I made a trip to Washington DC a few years ago when I was trying to get congressional oversight on the Codex vitamin issue, and I had a meeting at the office of Public Citizen with their Global Trade Watch Division.

I told them that if they helped me with this Codex vitamin issue, they could get the attention of American vitamin consumers from all sides of the political spectrum to fight against the WTO and against the planned destruction of American vitamin laws.

They would not help. The REASON they gave was that they could not take a position that contradicted a position of Sidney Wolfe, MD who handles medical matters for Nader and who has for decades. Wolfe is a diehard opponent of the dietary supplement industry and he totally opposes the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

At the time I just thought that Wolfe was my main problem inside Public Citizen, but the article below shows us all a much BIGGER picture..... Public Citizen is a PHONY ORGANIZATION. It is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. It is FUNDED by the Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller and other globalist Foundations it PRETENDS to be AGAINST!!

I demonstrated against the WTO in Seattle in '99, but I see now that I GENUINELY oppose the WTO, while Nader, who had such a high profile in the same demonstration in Seattle in '99 is only going through the MOTIONS. All of us, world wide, need to work together to expose FRAUDS such as this. Interestingly enough, Jim Turner, Chairman of the Board of "Citizens for Health" in the USA used to WORK for Nader.

Perhaps this helps explain why so called "Citizens for Health" has NOTHING on its website about either the Codex issue or about the EU Food Supplement Directive despite massive urging from me that they address these issues and urge public support for ANH's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.... Birds of a feather fly together.....

Please make a donation today to the Alliance for Natural Health at You'll be glad to know that today all 6 Fresh and Wild Stores in London will be donating 5% of their profits to the ANH lawsuit and Rob Verkerk of ANH will be in the stores to educate consumers. Fresh and Wild is a division of Whole Foods Market in the USA. Lets hope we can prevail upon Whole Foods to do the same thing in the USA that they're doing in England to help ANH!!!

Please read Jasper's article below which exposes Nader for the Fraud that he is. If you have been a Nader supporter for a long time, please don't have a kneejerk reaction to this information. I WANTED to believe in Nader myself, because I USED to think he was a good man who could be TRUSTED, but I found out otherwise when I approached his organization seeking assistance and ran into a brick wall. This explains why I did:

Roguesí Gallery: False Opposition

by William F. Jasper

This is the second installment in a series of articles looking at the forces behind the scenes propelling us toward globalization through NAFTA, the FTAA and the WTO.

[]Ralph Nader ≠ "Citizen Ralph" is the quintessential Establishment revolutionary ≠ fed, funded, pampered and promoted by the globalist elites and one-world corporatists he claims to be fighting. With generous funding from Insider foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Field, Rubin, Stern, et al.), over the past several decades Nader has launched a plethora of radical "public interest" groups that have become a permanent, full-time lobbying force for ever bigger government. They include: Public Citizen, Congress Watch, Citizen Works, Public Interest Research Group, Center for the Study of Responsive Law, Center for Auto Safety, Government Purchasing Project and the Congressional Accountability Project.

Naderís two main organizations involved in trade issues are Public Citizen and Global Trade Watch (GTW). The GTW website tells us:

Thanks to initial support from the Ford Foundation, last year we launched a major project on international harmonization of standards that unites GTW and Public Citizenís medical, legal, energy/environmental, and product/auto safety divisions. NAFTA and the WTO include requirements to either globally standardize regulatory policies or declare other nationsí standards as "equivalent." We now work with numerous local, state, and federal policy-makers, and also with NGOs, to make them aware of these issues and facilitate their input and participation. [Emphasis added.]

Harmonization. Thatís one of the euphemisms adopted from the socialist/internationalist lexicon of the European Union. The globalist architects of the EU insisted for years that harmonization of national laws and social policies would not compromise national sovereignty or local control. But that is precisely what it has done. How could it have been otherwise, when local and national governments are required to bring their laws into conformity with the emerging supranational government?

Robert Wright, a senior editor for The New Republic, acknowledged Naderís deceptive role in the anti-globalization charade in the magazineís January 17, 2000 issue. Mr. Wright, an ardent one-worlder, was jubilant concerning the global structures developing under NAFTA and the WTO. In a cover story ≠ entitled "America is surrendering its sovereignty to a world government. Hooray" ≠ Wright noted that "Nader and most of the Seattle left would gladly accept a sovereignty-crushing world body if it followed the leftish model of supranational governance found in the European Union." "Indeed," he said, "it was partly to please the Seattle activists that President Clinton espoused a future WTO whose member nations would meet global environmental and labor standards or else face sanction."

Nader, who ran for the White House in 1996 and 2000 on the Green Party ticket, has adopted the same deceptive tactics and rhetoric that the European Green Parties and the Socialist Group in the EU Parliament have used to drive their countries further into the EU trap. Nader remains the committed socialist that he was in the 1960s.

During an interview in Australia in 1972, he explained his solution for Americaís problems: "What is needed is socialism or communism of one sort or another."

For the past four decades (and continuing to the present), Nader has worked closely with top apparatchiks from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the Marxist cabal with long-standing ties to the Soviet KGB and Castroís DGI. In 2003 he endorsed the California gubernatorial campaign of Peter Camejo, a longtime Trotskyite communist activist in the Socialist Workers Party.

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