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Subject: NY TIMES Calls For Repealment of DSHEA- IAHF Response
Date: 6 Jan 2004 17:16:03 -0000

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IAHF List: Yesterday the NY Times Newspaper published the following editorial calling for the repealment of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Please read their editorial and my response, below which was posted on the NY Times Website.

Many Americans, including well meaning people in the health freedom movement are already jumping up and down all excited about this editorial, despite the fact that neither Durbin's Senate bill (S.722) The Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003, or Davis's House Bill (HR 3377) have any support in Congress, and aren't likely to pick up any appreciable support, this editorial notwithstanding.

The FDA's ban on ephedra can easily be overturned in court. It is illegal under the Administrative Procedures Act, but no one can file a lawsuit until the FDA publishes their Final Rule, which they haven't done yet (it will be out soon.) Under the Administrative Procedures Act it is illegal for the FDA to act in an inconsistent way. It is not legal for them to ban epehdra as a dietary supplement, while leaving pseudoephedrine, which objective data proves is FAR more dangerous than ephedra, in a slew of OTC cold preparations sold by a slew of multinational drug companies.

The double standard here is a classic, and its outrageous. There is no way the Cartel will succeed in repealing DSHEA via this sort of angle on US soil, but there is a VERY REAL danger of repealing DSHEA indirectly via HARM-ONIZATION, which is why he FDA and Cartel have set us up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute.

The Cartel WHITEWASHED the Oversight Hearing on Codex that I pushed for for 5 years on March 20, 2001. I witnessed CRIMES committed by Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA at Codex meetings in Germany. What Yetley is doing (in total violation of US law) is that she and the pharma dominated National Academy of Science are creating FALSE DEFINITIONS of supplement safety in order to set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute via which our domestic law can be forcibly HARM-onized to a grossly restrictive emerging INTERNATIONAL VITAMIN STANDARD.

The ONLY WAY we can stop what is unfolding is to support the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit against the EU Food Supplement Directive, and ANH will be in court AT THE END OF JANUARY (JANUARY 30th) in the British Courts. They BADLY need donations, not only for this lawsuit, but also to be able to continue their emergency lobbying in the EU Parliament against the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, and against the Pharmaceuticals Directive. This last, the "PD" is the worst of the 3- and we won't be able to kill it unless we FIRST OVERTURN the FSD in court.

The PD turns any substance that squeaks through the first two Directives into a "drug". It turns any substance with ANY PHYSIOLOGIC EFFECT IN THE BODY into a "DRUG". It would turn WATER into a "DRUG".

Keep in mind that at NEXT YEARS CODEX MEETING in Bonn Germany they can FINALIZE a Vitamin Standard which can be imposed GLOBALLY via a new international court- the "Dispute Settlement Body" of the WTO- which is a mickey mouse court that does not follow our rules of evidence.

It was created to enable multinational corporate interests to strike down any national law that interferes with multinational corporate PROFIT$$$ and thats exactly what its been doing.

Every single decision made by the WTO's "DSB" has gone against the environment, against the public health, against human rights, against labor rights, against every intantible that goes into the shaping of any democratic nation's laws.

We are, quite LITERALLY, being forced into a PRISON PLANET in which all the laws are being "harmonized" (made the same). Our would be rulers intend to create a CARBON COPY of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere called the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) via which they intend to harmonize the laws between Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central and South America. Unless we oppose them with EVERY FIBER OF OUR BEINGS, these greed driven Machivellian BASTARDS FROM HELL will succeed.

Food control = PEOPLE control.

Codex is all about culling our numbers. They don't want us to be healthy, they don't make $$$$ when we stay clear of their doctors, their hospitals, and their DRUGS, so they're trying to raise the hurdles via a ton of red tape so that they can CRUSH the supplement industry, all in the name of "safety" in the name of "protecting us from harm."

Well these hypocritical pieces of dog waste can stick it where the sun don't shine, and its up to everyone in America to do the following things to monkeywrench their plans:

1) Call your members of Congress today via the US Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121 (ask for your Senators and Congressmen, if you don't know their names tell the switchboard operator your zipcode and they'll tell you, then connect you.

USE my response below to the NY Times as a script, and EDUCATE THEM so that they can see the BIG PICTURE which is that this attack on DSHEA is only one SMALL PART of a COORDINATED GLOBAL ATTACK against the entire supplement industry which is not only occurring in the USA, but world wide!!! Explain to them about the whitewashed oversight hearing on Codex in 2001 and tell them that if they cosponsor Durbin's and Davis's bill (the so called Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003) that you will move heaven and earth to destroy them politically.

2) You MUST donate IMMEDIATELY to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to OVERTURN the EU Food Supplement Directive. Donate via their secure server at or via the address on their website. (You must send an international money order if you donate via snail mail or they can't deposit your check in an English bank.)

If ANH fails in court, or in their lobbying campaign, we're done for, but they have the best lawfirm in Europe working with them and they're VERY CAPABLE people who are totally WORTHY of our support!!! We CAN WIN in court!! We CAN STOP the cartel's genocide agenda, we HAVE TO, or we're going to witness GENOCIDE.

See the NY Times Article Calling For the Repealment of DSHEA Below, and Below it see IAHF's RESPONSE. Please get on the NY Times website yourself and put your OWN comments to them on their website and also email them to the editor, and copy them to your Senators and Congressmen.

This is WAR people: GLOBAL WAR:

The Ephedra Ban Is Not Enough

Published: January 5, 2004

It took an unconscionably long time, but the federal government has finally managed to ban an unsafe dietary supplement before it can harm or kill any more unwary users. The Bush administration's health regulators announced last week that they would soon ban ephedra, an herbal supplement used to promote weight loss and increase energy, on the grounds that it poses "an unreasonable risk of illness or injury." That was the only sensible response to mounting evidence that ephedra has been harming thousands of Americans. Yet the tortuous course of this regulatory crackdown underscores the dangerous weakness of a 1994 law that allows the supplement industry to market products whose safety and effectiveness have never been proved while making it extremely hard for health regulators to take them off the market if evidence of harm subsequently emerges.

Ephedra is an adrenaline-like stimulant, derived from plants, that excites the central nervous system, speeds metabolism and increases the rate at which a person burns calories. But it can also drive up blood pressure and stress the circulatory system. Ephedra has generated far more reports of adverse effects than any other supplement and has been linked to cases of heart attack, stroke and sudden death. Ephedra has been banned by three states, including New York, and by some athletic leagues though not others.

Some critics blame the Food and Drug Administration, which has been worried about ephedra for many years now, for moving too cautiously. There is some merit in that complaint, but the major culprit is clearly the 1994 dietary supplement law that requires the F.D.A. to prove that a supplement poses a significant or unreasonable risk of harm instead of requiring the manufacturer to prove that it is safe and effective, the standard used for prescription drugs. The law does not even require manufacturers to report adverse effects to the government.

This is a formula for covering up problems and ensuring regulatory inaction. It is no accident that ephedra will be the first supplement ever banned for safety reasons under the 1994 law. That sluggish response was precisely what the supplement industry and its more zealous customers wanted when they pressed Congress for protection against strict regulation.

When Congress returns for its next session, it needs to revise the ill-conceived 1994 legislation. At a minimum, Congress must require the industry to pass on any adverse health reports to the F.D.A. promptly. Even better, it should require the manufacturers to prove the safety and efficacy of their products before those products are allowed on the market. Under the current lax system, there is no guarantee that the substitutes for ephedra will be any safer.


Re: "The Ephedra Ban is Not Enough"
The ephedra ban is illegal under the Administrative Procedures Act which requires that the FDA act consistently, and not in a biased way as they regulate (OSTENSIBLY to "protect the public.")

If the FDA were GENUINELY interested in "protecting the public" they would not only yank the safe herb ma huang (ephedra) off the market, but they would SIMULTANEOUSLY ALSO yank pseudoephedrine off the market, but they're NOT GOING TO.

The REASON they're not going to yank pseudoephedrine off the market is that it is contained in a SLEW of OTC Cold Preparations marketed by a SLEW of multinational drug companies which OWN the FDA via the "good ol' boy" syndrome of revolving doors between the Agency and the companies who they serve in the capacity of a Trade Association.

Objective Data collected via the American Association of Poison Control Centers clearly indicates that pseudoephedrine kills, but the FDA has a double standard. What they're doing is protecting the sales of prescription weight loss drugs that are far more dangerous than ephedra, and the public knows it.

S.722 and HR 3377 aren't moving in Congress, and your editorial won't cause either bill to move. Vitamin consumers aren't stupid. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to go to and read the language of these witch hunt bills. The word "ephedra" isn't used ANYWHERE in either one.

The language would demonize any dietary supplement that happens to be used concurrently with one or more Rx drugs, if there is a reaction, regardless of causality, without a shred of evidence that the supplement caused the adverse reaction. This is a naked Big Pharma effort to try to repeal DSHEA, and its consistent with a Global push to destroy the dietary supplement industry world wide.

On June 18th, 2003 the Canadian Government illegally harmonized Canada's dietary supplement laws to Australia's draconian drug based laws, in total violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In Australia in the past year 1600 safe dietary supplements were yanked from the shelves under false pretenses.

On January 30 the Alliance for Natural Health will be striving to overturn the corrupt EU Food Supplement Directive. Donations for the lawsuit are badly needed and can be made via the secure server on the site.

In October 2004 at the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use Australia will be bringing a junk science pharma generated supposed "white paper" on supposed "scientific risk assessment" for vitamins and minerals, just at the moment the EU goes from Observer status at Codex to having FULL Status. As they go to full status the SIZE of the EU will have ALSO increased from 15- to 25 nations.

The FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) is intended to be a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere. It is intended to "harm"onize us to the EU. The Dietary Supplement Working Group of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue is trying to harmonize the US to the EU. This group is dominated by pharmaceutical interests.

The growing number of vitamin consumers on the email distribution list of International Advocates for Health Freedom can stay abreast of these issues by signing up at no charge on my website. Donations are much appreciated and can be made via paypal on my website or send to me at -John C. Hammell, President, International Advocates for Health Freedom 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA 800-333-2553 N.America, 360-945-0352

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